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 National Journal  
 International Journal (Normal)  
 International Journal (Scopus)  
 International Journal (UGC-CARE)  
 International Journal (ABCD Index)  

How Deng Infotech Support in Publication

We have collaboration with different editors, reviewers and journal organizer. They support us in proving paper acceptance in short time as per paper content quality.

Paper Review Time

* Normal (National/International) journal time is 3 to 5 Days.
* Good Index journal Like (Google Scholar, ABCD-Index, Scopus, UGC-CARE) it takes 15 Days.


1. Submit paper and wait for 24 hours for Deng Infotech Reviewer response.
2. Team Suggest modification (If required) and journals as per paper content.
3. Submit Processing charges and get journal acceptance.

More Info

Normal journal: 500 to 2000 Rs. OR 8 to 30 USD
Good Index journal: 3000 to 15000 Rs. OR 40 to 200 USD
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