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School Management Software



School Management software is the best tool designed for the paperless administration of schools. This software helps in student management like the registration process, inbuilt ID card, uploads documents. It enables staff to handle the examination hectic process like creating question papers, assessing the student’s scores etc. Most software is a great support for managing the difficult task of fees and accounting management. It connects parents with schools via SMS, emails and different mobile apps. Below are some benefits:

Fees management

School software enables parents to make fee payments of Hostels, bus, library etc. without actually moving from one place with the help of the technology as compared to manual methods. Also, it will access the information of unpaid fees via mobile phones or Apps. This allows transparency in the transactions through notifications, SMS, emails.

Attendance Management

This helps parents to be updated about their child’s active participation and their progress in the class. Teachers will be able to keep a record of each student’s attendance and activities. Students can also view their attendance percentages through their IDs.


Teachers will be able to communicate with parents through SMS, emails or any Apps provided by the school management software. It will help them to access the platform where parents, teachers and students can interact over any topics. Parents can also interact with teachers regarding their children's performance in sport or any extracurricular activities.

Library Management

The days were gone when the librarian had to keep the records manually but now school software helps students to browse all the library books. Student’s cards are assessed electronically and records of books issued are computerised.

Grading System

It reduces the tedious work of manually filing the marks of each student. School software enables teachers to upload the marks from anywhere and then schools can print it in student’s cards. Teachers will update the marks of all tests & assignments which students can also access them.

School Bus Tracking

School management software also provides the benefits of tracking the bus routes to reduce the inconvenience of parents. All information will be available to parents/teachers on their registered mobile number with GPS facilities.