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  • Get verified leads as per your skill and expertise.
  • Showcase your work in your profile to get more conversions.
  • Sell your developed work/project/solution at our portal.
  • Bid for projects and get contact details of clients to convince.
  • Get more clients/work from our platform and network of clients.

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Who can join us?

  • Software, Designing, Content writer, Digital Marketing, Tech Companies
  • Individual Professionals
  • Beginners/Students

Why Deng Infotech Solutions?

  • Promote your profile to relevant clients.
  • Developed trust in the market for freelancer solutions.
  • Attract local and foreign clients.
  • Consult clients and understand requirements then suggest our verified freelancers.
  • Secure partial/full project cost, so freelancers can work with a surety of payment.
  • Provide/ help in work documentation as well.

Benefits of Freelancer?

  1. Flexibility : Freelancing lets you work when and where you want. You're not stuck to a fixed schedule or location.
  2. Independence : You get to be your own boss. You make the decisions and control your work.
  3. Lots of Options : Freelancers can work on different types of projects for different clients. This means you can try new things and learn a lot.
  4. Make More Money : Freelancing can earn you more money than a regular job. You can set your prices and take on multiple projects at once.
  5. Learn and Grow : Freelancing helps you get better at what you do. You work with different people and take on new challenges.
  6. Balance Life and Work : You can manage your work and personal life better. You have more time for yourself and your family.
  7. Work from Anywhere : Freelancers can work from home, cafes, or even while traveling. You're not tied to a specific place.
  8. No Commute : You don't have to spend time and money commuting to work. You save time and reduce stress.
  9. Build a Portfolio : Freelancing lets you build a collection of your work. This helps you show off your skills to get more jobs.
  10. Start Your Own Thing : Freelancing can lead to starting your own business. It helps you think like an entrepreneur and explore new ideas.


After a continuous effort and hard work of 8 years we have reached a point where we have long data of customers those who are interested in giving and taking of web-related services. So to help those who are providing quality work but not getting clients because they are new in this business doesn’t need to worry anymore. We can provide leads to those who are seeking works so that our clients get their desired work done by them.