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Criminal Record Management System Project In Php

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Criminal Record Management System web-based application has been developed on PHP and MySQL; there also we used HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, JQUERY & AJAX. This project provides a facility for reporting online crimes. The criminal record management system is used to manage all the activities related to Criminal records, like Crime Registration Portal, View Status, view Criminal Details. Add online Crime Registration Portal with all the mandatory details and can see the status related to Crime. On this project you can register/signup and login then you can able to create your Crime Record.  After your Registration admin will allot a team as well so you can contact them and can tell about your crime, Here admin and team both handle your crime and given all the information which is related to your crime. 

Features of admin

  1. Add team
  2. View team
  3. View crime records
  4. Allocate team
  5. Fir
  6. View fir
  7. View all crime
  8. Close crime
  9. View feedback
  10. Crime report status


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