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Employee Management System Project In Php

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This project employee management system is developed in PHP and database MySQL. This project will help to manage several types of work-related employee problems. It is can be helpful to contain all the records of employee’s salaries, employee leave, and employee experience and employee payroll system. This project's purpose is to manage employee attendance data, leave data and employee data. This project provides several features to manage in the right way. This project also manages employee family details, personal details, and company details. There are two types of users available in the project first one is Employee and the second one is admin. We also provide an employee management system in PHP MySQL source code for student.  Students can easily configure this project with source code and student cans also PHP project management.

Module of employee management system-

Admin: admin has full access to control  the system
Employee: the employee has limited access to control the system

Features of the employee management system are:

  • Login/register
  • Employee data
  • Salary
  • Personal details
  • Leave
  • Experience

A brief overview of Technology:

Domain: Web technology


1. Run project code through desktop sharing software


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