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Online Electronic shopping

Online Electronic Shopping

Owner Name: Deepak Views : 507

Project Discription:
This is completely responsive electronic website with product add, delete update option in admin section. View orders place by user, check available items in stocks. User can search, items, place order, check history of any orders, payment gateway integration, etc.
System overview:
Features -
Login/Register- First users can register to create their account . while creating account user have to fill information Go to login section and enter username and password. then sign in.
logout- user can logout from their accout.
Account- by going to 'My account' section different users can register and login.
Catagory/cart- in browse catagory there are different Electronic products are available in catagory. there are no. of brands are available for laptop and mobiles. each product details are also available. In my order section user can see products history.   Buy- User can buy selected product which are added to cart. users have to fill billing address then processed for payment options.
Payment option- User have to give information and select payment mode and place orders. different payment mode are there i.e. online wallet/ cash on delivery/other options.
Admin- Now on admin side , admin can add new products by giving product information. admin can manage product to edit, delete product with description. admin can change product price if required.
Technology used in project:
In these project python django technology is used. python is easy to understand. Django is perfect for e-commerce startups, as it’s a good fit for small websites, but also has scales perfectly with business growth. You can rely on Django to handle hundreds/thousands of visitors at a time. With e-commerce, you want to make sure merchants and clients alike feel safe through your shopping experience. Django prevents a whole lot of common security mistakes which often are what weakens traditional PHP CMSs.


Price of each source code is 1500 Rs
Live Hosting price is 1000 Rs