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Online Examination System Project In Java Using Netbeans

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online examination system project in java using NetBeans.Online Exam System is very valuable for  Educational Institute to prepare an exam, also save the time that will take to check the paper and prepare mark sheets. The online exam system will help the Institute to performance of students and enlarge their skills. But the difficulty is that this system takes a lot of time when you prepare the exam for the first time for us so we have needs the number of computers as a number of students.
The powerful use of the On-line Exam System is that any Educational Institute or training center can use it to develop its strategy to settle the exams, and for getting better results in less time.


The dynamic question generator portal creating for taking the online test has the following stages:

  1. Registration
  2. Login
  3. Select Test Subject
  4. Report


For giving the test, the user has to register in the site with their valid information. After the registration, the user has access to login into the site and can access the test, also update profile, change the password and view previous reports. 


There is a login window, where only one login id of one student and administrator id and password by which a person enters the site. Hence it is more secure and reliable than previously used on-line test examination.

Select Test:

Select the Test page is the most creative and important page in this project. It consists of various subjects for test purposes like PHP, JAVA, HTML, Python, etc. After choosing a subject the test starts and the user gives the test. There is no time limit in this test, the user submits the test, according to them.


After submitting the test, the report of the test automatically shown in which the total number of questions, number of attempted questions, number of attempted question and number of correct answer shows. 


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