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School Management System Project In Python

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school management project is developed on python using HTML, CSS,javascript for front-end. this project to manage the school management such as student details, teacher details, student id, fees, exam details. We use Python language here because Python is an interpreted high-level programming language for general-purpose programming. This is a project which is designed and developed for all the final year students who want to submit this school management system as their project submission.

In this project following features are available

  • Users can fill the registration form and calculate fees according to course.
  • User can fill the inquiry form for school admission.
  • Users can view enquiry details and update and delete also.
  • Users can view registration details and update and delete also.
  • Users can view fee details on how much fees are Ramaning and how many fees have been submitted.



1. Run project code through desktop sharing software


pdf, source code, documentation file