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Php projects with source code as we know that PHP is the most useable programming language for developing projects so now student want to make their project on PHP language also I have to say that this is the simpler and easier language and open source when we run our project so its executing time is fewer easiest one amongst others that’s why you can choose PHP for making projects I suggest you best website from where you can download php projects with source code these projects are very helpful for you also will helpful in future and final year project submission because we offer you best projects along with innovative ideas there are so many projects are available for beginners and computer science engineering student, Bca, Mca, Msc, Bsc, etc. so you can choose project as per your requirement these projects consist of two-part first is technical and second one is non-technical so choice is yours. Here I would like to share best project website i.e. project tunnel from where you can download projects there are two types of projects are available like some paid project and free project so firstly you have to select one and download it with source code, therefore, we provide source code that you can make some changes in project according to your needs also you gives us suggestion for projects. Project tunnel offer you amazing and classified project so you can search any technical or non-technical project here very easily all projects are well designed and specified with source code.

Top Php project list

  1. Employee management system
  2. Hotel  management
  3. Employee  attendance system
  4. Online placement portal project
  5. Matrimonial project
  6. Online banking system
  7. Criminal record management
  8. Online event management
  9. Gym management
  10. Php inventory management  project
  11. Optical shop
  12. Online shopping cart
  13. Expense management

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Why do we choose PHP for making a project?  

  • PHP is open-source server-side scripting language and interpreted the language it helps to create a web application.
  • It has many features and easy to implementation
  • PHP run on several platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.
  • The important thing that PHP is free to download


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