Engineering students who are pursuing bachelor, master or doctorates in field of computer or electronic branch always move to develop digital image processing projects. Here it is required to develop have good understanding of matrix operation there dimension etc. As DIP involve image, video, audio files in their work. One of good tool to implement this type of project is MATLAB. So as per our experience we have number of solutions for various projects of image processing:

1. Watermarking (Image, Video, Audio)
2. object Detection (Image, Video)
3. Haze Removal (Image, Video)
4. Contrast Enhancement (Image, Video)
5. Medical Image Enhancement
6. Segmentation (Image, Video)
7. Information Retrieval
8. Classification (Image, Video)
9. Biological Image Analysis
10. Remote Sensing Image Analysis

We have number of latest and running models which improve your research work submission quality. Here it is suggested that always inform your guide for the concern topic and technique used in the project. For better understanding you can reach us through:

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