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College Management Mobile App (TGR)

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TGR( Tutor guardian record) is a mobile app this app is mainly used to manage a college management system in which there have two modules first one is the student app and the second one is the faculty app. TGR is a very useful app in college because this app provides so many facilities to both of them. We can use this app for web and mobile platforms. we can manage all the records, information and details of the college. This is the best and so easy college management app.

Modules of TGR App

Student app

  1. Register/login facility for a personalized experience
  2. Track your Results
  3. Access assignments and inbuilt dictionary
  4. Check your faculty details
  5. Check your performance with details
  6. Engage with your friends via timeline feature
  7. know your UT/MST/PUT marks
  8. Customize your profile
  9. Improve connection with high-end security 
  10. chat instantly within your community

Faculty app

  1. Register/login facility for a personalized experience
  2. mark attendance with just simple click
  3. mark absentee and connect with students
  4. chat facility for faculty and free access to a dictionary

Director dashboard

  • personal 
  • marks
  • others

Hod dashboard

  • personal 
  • marks
  • others

and much more features


1. Run project code through desktop sharing software


yearly subscription:  2000 rs

software  prize:     40000

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