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Online Doctor Appointment System Project In Php

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online doctor appointment system project is developed in Php language using MY SQL database. This project is mainly designed for an online doctor appointment so that patients can easily appoint the doctor through that. with the help of this doctor and patients save time. In this project, there are three functions or modules such as admin, doctor, and patients, whereas admin has own work, means he can edit, update and delete. Admin manage all the details from sing that.

Now we talk here admin section so admin can update, delete and edit detail or can change user id and password, cancel patients appointments, change the timing, can view the doctors lis, and  also check patients records or previous records


  • he can view patients report
  • he can view current appointments or upcoming appointments
  • he can check the patient's list


  • They can  check the appointment number who allots the from doctor
  • can  submit x-ray report
  • can  book his appointment

Online doctor appointment  dashboard

  • Home
  • Team
  • search 
  • doctor
  • appointment cancel
  • doctor login
  • admin login
  • contact




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