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School Management System Project In Php

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school management system project is developed on PHP language and for database connection, we are using MySQL server. the school management system is very useful and helpful for school management. there are 3 modules present here first one is admin, second one is the student and the last one is the teacher. This software has many features are available to maintain a proper record and store the complete information about the school management area.


  • he can add student
  • he can add teacher
  • he can check attendance and result
  • he can allot the student roll no
  • he can declare timetable of exam
  • he has the power of modifying and delete data
  • he can delete student and teacher data
  • he can update  the exam timetable


  • student can check his/her timetable, roll number and result
  • he can check their attendance and id card.
  • he can check exam syllabus
  • he can submit  their fees
  • he can check their fee slip


  • he can add student attendance
  • he can add student result
  • he can add and delete student
  • he can add student syllabus
  • he can add student timetable



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