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Hotel Management System Project In Java Netbeans With Source Code

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hotel management system project in java NetBeans with source code and with project report documentation. Managing hotel reservation problems that are available in any traveling places. It provides all the current information and current status of any particulates hotels, and available rooms as depend on choices etc. Managing your E-Hotels may seem tricky, but making a good portable and stay places at any particular place in those cities, by online registering. 

  • To Manage CRESCENT HOTEL:-
  • To perform a thorough analysis of the working of the whole system.
  • To study the problems in the System through fact-finding techniques.
  • To follow SDLC to develop the system.
  • To develop a conceptual, logical and physical model for the system.
  • To develop Graphical User Interface (GUI) as per the convenience of the user.
  • To implement the physical model, being tested as per the standards.
  • To document our efforts and analysis in a proper comprehensible manner.

The key features required in the system are as follows:

Room category: Rooms are categorized into their respective infrastructure and no. of the portion that divides the room. 

Room: It shows the no. of rooms available in the hotels.

Facility: It is the feature that shows the facilities provided by the hotels.

Room facility: This shows the providence of room facilities such as rooms that contain extra features.

Guest: This shows the information of guest customers.

Booking: This shows the online and offline booking of the customers and guests.

Search: This is provided the search options of the system that can search for any related information of the system.

Report: This shows the reports in different fields of the system.  


1. Run project code through desktop sharing software


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