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Library Management System Project In Java With Documentation

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Library management system project is software which is developed in java netbeans and mysql. This software is designed to manage all the data at one platform like an admin can store all the information in this, related to issuing books to the students. It is used by librarian to manage the library using a computerized system where he/she can record various transactions. First an admin needs to sign in to use this program, Id password has been allotted to them. The model type of this software is individual/personal which makes it more reliable and the technology which is used in developing this software is SWING and MYSQL. This software has following features like-

  1. Admin-  This feature consists of following functions like view/add books, view/add students, view add faculty, view/add member, issue books, return books, view all issue books, view all return books. Through this functions an admin can keep, fetch all the data at just one platform. We can also add, remove students and faculties from the database.
  2. Students- In this section an admin can view all the details related to students in an organization. When you select this section you need to enter the students id to fetch the details from the database. All the information related to issued books to that students will be provided to an admin.
  3. Faculty- An admin can also fetch the data related o faculties like their name, id no., their contact details and many more. It is very important to keep the data of the number of faculties in the library, so if an admin wants to check how many faculties are there in library they can fetch the data.
  4. Book- This is the most important feature of this software, an admin can check the details of all the books. An admin can view the information of issued books and when it was issued and to whom it is issued. Then here comes the last section in which we can access the details of return books. Few question will be asked if you select this section, you will be asked to give the issued id of the book so the data can be taken.
  5. Guest: This shows the information of guest customers.
  6. Issue Book: This shows the offline Book  Issue of the Student and Faculty.
  7. Search:  This is provided the search options of the system that can search any related information of the system.
  8. Report:  This shows the reports in different fields of the system.


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