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Inventory Management System Project In Java Using Netbeans

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This project is based on the inventory management system and developed on java using Netbeans. In this IMS users can know each information about the stock of the organization. This application used for only small businesses. This project consists of a cash book, Expenses category, bank book, daybook, etc. There is only one module present here that is Admin. Here Admin can manage all details about inventory management systems such as store details, category, product, and update and remove the brand information, changing the prize of product and all things. Get a complete project inventory management system in java using net beans.  If you want more projects on java so you can visit our project website that is a project tunnel from where you can download projects as per your requirement and this project is also available on our youtube channel where you can see. We provide you best projects on PHP, java, python, Matlab and many more projects. Also, we have projects are available with source code.  

You can download source code and documentation file, pdf file, live project video, and project screenshot images. 

Features of projects

  • Login:  firstly he should be registered in the management system
  • Home:  There are all details about IMS application.
  • Update profile: he can update profile anytime.

User requirement

Admin: admin has full control to manage inventory management system. He can add new user and new item to the inventory management system.

  • User : admin
  • Password: 879898

Modules of IMS

  • Expenses category:  He can see list of expenses product
  • Income category:  He can  check income category
  • Cashbook: he can heck his cashbook with date.
  • Bank book: he can check amount, pay/receive in bank book
  • Daybook: In the daybook, he can check expenses,  inventory category and  pay/receive balance.
  • Balance sheet:  he can check the balance sheet.


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