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Php Code For Online Quiz With Timer

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we provide PHP code for an online quiz with a timerThis application is to Develop HTML CSS bootstrap PHP MYSQL. Html and CSS, bootstrap are used front-end and PHP & MySQL are used back-end. project tunnel quiz application is created for a college student like Bca mca BSc MSC. this project is very simple.  You can give the topic wise quiz tests related to Physics, Gk, computer, math, science here. You can give Quiz online for Physics now. We have prepared all the topics in a sequential manner. There are many topics here. You can play Quiz by clicking on these. You can easily start this Online Test by clicking on the Start Button.

History Online Quiz test:-

  • 100 questions are given in this test.
  • 5  number of each question will be found
  • 30 minutes' time to give this test.
  • After giving the test, see your All India Rank.  

What is PHP:-

PHP is a scripting language that can be embedded directly in HTML pages. The author writes PHP commands together with HTML commands to a file. If this file is requested by a viewer, the software will execute the PHP commands step by step and forward the results to the viewer. The web server must be able to execute PHP programs. By default, these commands do not work. Contact your system administrator. Depending on the installation settings, this PHP the software interprets only files with the extension ".php4", or even files with the extension ".html, .htm". PHP has been in development since about 1994 and is growing in popularity. A special focus is on the integration of various databases such as MySQL PHP is based on C, Java, and Perl. 



1. Run project code through desktop sharing software


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